My Approach...
~Raphael D. Strzelecki
RDS Law Offices concentrates its legal services on civil litigation, business law, real estate law, and probate law. I am committed to providing top notch legal services at prices that won’t break the bank. I utilize every possible legal tool in solving my clients problems.

My many years of wide-range experience has provided guidance and asserted client's rights in need of legal protection and in order to resolve disputes. In these types of matters I have represented individuals to financial institutions, insurance carriers, and small businesses (including logistics companies, hotel proprietors,
and internet companies).
I have been in the arena for 12 + years...
you just can't buy that type of experience.

Business & Commercial Law
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Real Estate
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Commercial Litgation
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Federal & State Litigation
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Estate Planning & Probate
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Contracts & Agreements
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Here are some testimonials directly from others about RDS Law Offices, LLC
stock-1Angelique Anderson
Managing Director, The Bridge Venture for Culture Development

"Raphael has represented me on a couple different cases so far. He is very knowledgeable in estate planning, employment law, corporation formation, and business law. He helped me copyright my business, he helped me with estate planning and helped me with some employment matters. Raphael always followed up with status to me each case. He also explained everything to me in detail. He cared about protecting my assets in every case, and he cared about the outcome. I feel that Raphael mainly cares about the people he serves not the money. I would say his greatest strength is his writing skills, and his ease of explaining what is going on with all of his cases to his clients. I will be using Raphael for all my future matters. "
Current Clients

"We have a very difficult and extensive lawsuit and having Raphael as our lawyer has been a Godsend. Raphael has always been upfront and honest about our case. We know that he is working hard for us at all times and updates us in a timely fashion. His knowledge of the law and his professionalism in the face of a very difficult plaintiff have put us at ease. We have total confidence in our legal matter with Raphael representing us. We recommend Raphael wholeheartedly for any legal issue. "
stock-3Kathy Doe
Position, Company Name

"Raphael was wonderful in helping myself and my family through a difficult and frightening time. He was always courteous and walked us through every step of the way. His conduct was always professional. In addition to being a great attorney, Raphael is a very nice person."
stock-4Michelle Doe
Position, Company Name

"I highly recommend Raphael. He is a caring attorney who works hard for his clients to get them the optimal results. As he is a former associate, I am familiar with his work and continue to work with him and refer matters to him because I am confident in his abilities skills as a litigator."
stock-5Daniel Doe
Position, Company Name

"I used Raphael for some legal work and he went above and beyond what I expected a attorney should do for me. I have never felt so confident working with anyone in a legal capacity. I endorse him 100%."
stock-5Daniel Doe
Position, Company Name

"I know Mr. Strzelecki to be a fine attorney, and equally as important, a fine individual. His personable traits aid him, and his clients, both in and out of the court room."
stock-5Daniel Doe
Position, Company Name

"As his teacher and advisor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, I came to know Raphael as an astute, engaged, determined, and highly responsible individual committed to the notion of a level playing field for all."
I went to law school because of one thing,
I believed in justice for those who are wronged or need protection and help. I still believe that today very passionately.

I chose the area of commercial litigation because I believe that organizations have a chance to change others lives with their products and services.

I chose the area of real estate and probate law because all individuals need protection for their futures; and that means in the comfort of their new home and for their families for years to come.
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